The Damkars

About the Project

The Damkars envisioned the residential project to be a place where local aging populations can enjoy their retirement in familiar surroundings together with loved ones. The project will provide varying levels of care to accommodate differing needs so that seniors may live comfortably and confidently. The Damkars view both the Church and the residential community to be a gift to God and their neighbours.

Located northeast of the community of Watermark at Bearspaw, and immediately north of the Centre Street Church Northwest Campus, the project lands are:

  • Approximately 4.97 hectares
  • Accessed by 12 Mile Coulee Road
  • Anticipated to include up to 79 villas
  • Within the Watermark Conceptual Scheme (2009) and Bearspaw Area Structure Plan (1993; currently under review) areas
  • Planned to be developed logically in a phased approach based on market demand
  • Serviced by potable water, sanitary sewer and stormwater via existing infrastructure in Watermark

The Vision

Trico Homes submitted a refined Concept Plan and submitted a new application November 2024 that addressed comments received from the public and Council. The revised Concept offers a balanced approach that honours the Damkar’s vision and community growth direction. Amendments are:

  • Refinement of villas design and increased emphasis on landscaped areas, pathways and street furniture to encourage outdoor activities and enhance social interaction.
  • Vehicular access responsive to topography and adjacent development.
  • An extension of existing utilities from the Watermark community in consultation with Rocky View County.

Site Concept

*All images are conceptual only and are subject to change.


For questions, comments or ideas, please contact our community engagement representative:

Bridget Naud,

Engagement Specialist


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