The Damkars

The Process

The following submissions are required as part of the project:

  • Conceptual Scheme Amendment application: A Conceptual Scheme provides an outline for development of a previously undeveloped piece of land and includes the orderly phasing of development, land uses, densities and the general location of major transportation routes and public utilities. An amendment for the current Conceptual Scheme is required to allow for the future development of the seniors-oriented residential project.
  • Land Use Redesignation application: A Land Use Redesignation allows an applicant to change the land use district of a property to enable a different form of development. In this case, the Redesignation will allow for a residential use.
  • Minor Area Structure Plan Amendment: An Area Structure Plan provides a framework that describes allowable types of land uses, density (including sequence of density), locations of major roadways, and public utilities within a broad area. The project will require an ASP amendment to enable a successful residential development.


For questions, comments or ideas, please contact our community engagement representative:

Bridget Honch,

Engagement Specialist


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